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Map Builder - How to build map from Google Maps

  1. Run Mup Builder
  2. Menu Start
  3. Go to "my" Google Maps and find the area you wish to compress for QuickGPS (use Address lookup)
  4. Click map in left upper corner of the chosen area, the application will show an arrow at that point and will provide you with Latitude and Longitude on the right. Copy these values to the first line of coordinates in MapBuilder. The coordinates may also be negative values!!!
  5. Click map in right lower corner of the chosen area and do the same for this point -> copy coordinates to the second line.
  6. Define Map type and Zoom and click "Test map" to see example of chosen map type and zoom
  7. Specify zoom levels to build (if it is supported in your version) and also the way they are built (from google maps or as resized main map), we recommend to keep the default values.
  8. Specify output file name
  9. Click OK, coffee time, it may take some time (depends on map size and speed of your connection)
  10. Copy the map to Memory stick (\DOCUMENT\QuickGPS\Maps). Use it.
X and Y for the bitmap (Jan)4.2.2010
Thanks Dave for the quick reply earlier ! How can I identify the cordinate (x, y) on a bitmap? My BMP according to PAINT(Ctrl-E) have Height=2032(y) and Width=1920(x). I guess upper left corner is 0, 0 (x, y) !? but what is the right lower corner? and how can I identify a point elseware on the BMP? is it possible in PAINT? Best regards Jan (Sweden) Answer
Re: X and Y for the bitmap (Dave)4.2.2010
Right lower is 1919:2031, I don't know if Paint can do it, try some more advanced graphic editor. Answer
MapBuilder (Jan)3.2.2010
Amazing software, very good ! But some things don`t work me. How do I check that I have the latest version ? file version seems to be and productversion Best Regards Jan Olsson Answer
Re: MapBuilder (Dave)4.2.2010
The latest version is always on these pages, however may be not numbered properly. Answer
Map Builder not work (Springer)7.8.2009
it ist not posible to search a name. Is a new version nessesary? Answer
Re: Map Builder not work (Dave)7.8.2009
I don't understand your comment, however you can keep on using the older version if you like it more. Answer
Re: Re: Map Builder not work (Sylvia Springer)13.8.2009
The situation is the same. Map builder is not able to find a place, if I gon on Google Map link or on the link Step by step and fill the adress with a city an click find. If I click on the map the read mark change the position. I use the new version of map builder Answer
New version 3.0 (Dave)9.4.2009
Available from 9.4.2009 - simplified and faster. Answer
Mapbuilder (Fredrik)31.7.2008
Thanks, seems to work now. Is there a limit for mapsize (in km2) where they get too big for easy handling by the program? //Fredrik Answer
Re: Mapbuilder (Fredrik)27.12.2008
Hi again! Now, after upgrading my P1i, every time I try to start Quick GPS it "dumps" the program... Upgrade necessary? And the Map builder links doesn't work either. Do you have a solution to this? Tried to reinstall but same problem... Help! Regards //Fredrik Answer
Re: Re: Mapbuilder (Dave)27.12.2008
The link on this page works fine. I don't know what problem you have with QuickGPS, can you send me an email and describe when exactly it happens?? Can you try to uninstall the application, delete Document/QuickGPS directory on both phone memory and memory stick and install it again?? Answer
Re: Mapbuilder (Dave)7.9.2008
No limits. Answer
Mapbuilder (Fredrik)31.7.2008
At last step of calibration I get the error message: "Cannot create target map file". Why? //Fredrik Answer
Re: Mapbuilder (Dave)31.7.2008
Most probably the application has no access to the target directory or the filename/directory is invalid. Please let me know if you keep on experiencing problems (send an email). Answer
Re: Re: Mapbuilder (Dave)31.7.2008
No, there are no limits. The map is divided to smaller pieces so only part of it is loaded into the memory. Answer
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