QuickGPS and Map Builder 

  • navigation system for your mobile phone, optimized for geocaching
  • retrieves your position from bluetooth GPS receiver but can also work without it just for map browsing
  • includes Map Builder which can build map of any area in the world and calibrate it automatically
    (from Google maps or from a BMP)
  • maps generated for QuickGPS may have more layers (for different zooms) and each layer may show different detail of information (on detail level all street names, on highest level only city districts)
  • no limits for map size, the same performance for huge and small maps
  • supports waypoints, tracks
  • unlimited number of waypoints, displays hint when you approach the waypoint
  • shows distance from a waypoint in meters, will lead you exactly to the right place
  • waypoints may be imported from GPX or LOC files, if GPX generated by geocaching.com, a lot of extra information will be automatically stored (cache difficulty, terrain, type, description, hint etc)
  • will help you to follow a track (you can manually create your track and then follow it)
  • Supports several types of map projections (LatLon/UTM)
  • holds information about your track, exports to GPX, can continue interrupted track, possibility to open unlimited number of saved tracks
  • includes documentation in PDF
  • Requirements: Symbian UIQ 3.0 compatible device
  • All updates are and will be free
  • Download the full package from here
  • you can find more info on how to download complete map of Czech Republic here
  • To order a full version click the Buy Now button below (PayPal, you can also pay with credit/debit card) or go to Handango and search for "QuickGPS"

13.3.2009: I have finished new version of MapBuilder for QuickGPS, it should solve most of the performance and memory issues. Please let me know your opinion. And keep the original MapBuilder just in case you experience any issues.

Features of the new version:
  • completely changed logic of loading maps
  • does not consume so much memory anymore
  • is much faster
  • does not need manual calibration, so the calibration result is more accurate
  • the map format is still the same
You can download it from here.

QuickGPS Icons 
If you like QuickGPS, please place any of the following icons to your web page refering to http://symbian.macek.cc/.
Version 2.0 (9.4.2009)
  • more types of points recognizable from GPX, more icons supported
  • signal quality detection
  • improved MapBuilder (much faster and easier to use)
  • program can set follow mode automatically after some time of inactivity
  • added zoom sensitivity (useful outdoor especially when you have gloves)
  • "Ok" button can turn on "follow mode" now
  • can show list of today's finds
  • next load of GPX does not override calculated coordinates for mystery caches (if proper cache type set)
  • Delete range of waypoints works correctly now
  • corrected altitude calculation for track start
  • program does not ask anymore if you have found the waypoint if it is not cache
  • added feature to quickly update mytery/multi cache with final coords
  • waypoint edit initiated from the map returns back to map and not to list of waypoints
  • generates "field notes" of finds/not finds to import at geocaching.com here
  • on approach to the cache it shows its size and hint

Version 1.52 (19.11.2008)
  • improved support of huge maps in both Latitude/Longitude and UTM formats
  • improved position calculation for UTM map formats
  • you can find more info on how to download complete map of Czech Republic here

Version 1.51 (2.10.2008)
  • if you open a map, it will use the smallest available zoom for better overview
  • it is possible to hide/show all waypoints (menu View)
  • improved BT connection logic
  • does not show "Nearest waypoint not found" message if there are no waypoints defined yet
  • also imports short text from GPX generated by geocaching.com

Version 1.50 (9.9.2008)
  • Maps generated by Map Builder may have more levels of zoom now (to improve performance)
  • Maps based on google maps can have higher zooms with lower detail (built from google maps using a lower zoom, not as a resized main image), please test the "Praha.qgd" file attached in QuickGPS package
  • QuickGPS can work with maps having more zooms
  • Automatically modifies date found of waypoint (when you exit application, change or cancel navigation)
  • Import of existing waypoints from GPX does not reset "Date found" anymore
  • Improved performance of icon painting (when selected in application Settings)

Version 1.42 (25.8.2008)
  • Show highest track speed (press '2' to see it)
  • 3 types of WP painting - Name / Description / Icon (similar to geocaching.com) - see Settings
  • Delete waypoint directly from map (tap WP, select Delete, confirm)
  • Can enter the date when a cache was found (empty means not found, any other value means found), the date is printed in waypoint detail
  • In the list of waypoints QuickGPS displays descriptions of waypoints with short names (typically for caches)
  • List of waypoints can sort by descriptions (default is by names)
  • Connection to GPS receiver should be more stable now
  • Autostart of a new track waits 15 seconds after position is retrieved (to omit position jumping at the beginning)

Version 1.41 (20.8.2008)
  • Corrected USER/11 crash in Detail info on nearest waypoint
  • In GPX import, the application removes " " and recognizes some special characters
  • Waypoint specific menu (replaces standard menu if you click on a waypoint)

Version 1.40 (19.8.2008)
  • Much more parameters for waypoints (type, difficulty, terrain, size, description)
  • Added "View" menu
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Track line is by default visible (but you can hide it)
  • Improved track painting on start of the track
  • Improved track profile (graph of altitudes)
  • Map Builder - correction in map building (no empty parts anymore)
  • Improved import of GPX/LOC files
  • Added detail info on nearest waypoint (if imported from GPX, it also includes full cache description)
  • Menu does not "flash" anymore

Version 1.31 (5.8.2008)
  • Waypoints can be stored in Phone Memory (faster) or Memory Stick (slower but usually more space available)
  • Possibility to show zoom buttons directly on map, useful especially for G900 users (no jog dial)
  • QuickGPS shows information about map scale (distance in prefered units)
  • Map Builder shows information about map building progress (percents, estimated time left)
  • During manual creation of a track, it is possible to undo the last point (if user makes a mistake or changes his mind)

Version 1.30 (18.7.2008)
  • Support of UTM map projection (WGS-84, WGS-72, WGS-66 etc.)
  • Additional user calibration - allows user to optimize map calibration
  • 2 connect types - connect a new device or connect my device (the last used)
  • Improved color palette of maps

Version 1.21 (10.7.2008)
  • Added manual creation of a track (saves to GPX), program calculates the track's length
  • Added "follow track" feature (to follow manually created or any other track)
  • Added check for correct Latitude and Longitude in Map Builder
  • Optimized import of GPX files, no unicode conversion needed anymore

Version 1.20 (7.7.2008)
  • Time extended for testing of DEMO version (application still automatically exits after a few minutes)
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for P1i and M600i, they follow documentation better now
  • Map Builder does not fill created map with "DEMO" if IMEI not verified, it only used to bother registered users

Version 1.19 (15.6.2008)
  • Added satellite view (press '4')
  • Improved appending track to an existing track

Version 1.18 (11.6.2008)
  • Big arrow for navigation to a waypoint (press '3') - thanks to all of you who have suggested this
  • Corrected track info calculation for continued track (see menu Track / Append)
  • Added shortcut support for W960 (numeric shortcuts) - thanks to Jan for the recommendation
  • Corrected identification of the nearest waypoint when screen tapped
  • Follow mode disabled when no GPS position
  • Does not display blank hint
  • Sound when the GPS position is retrieved
  • Solved crash when GPS position retrieved (for some devices)

Version 1.17 (16.5.2008)
  • Faster saving of unicode files (Waypoints)
  • Corrected bug (crash) in GPX import - thanks to David B. for the necessary info
  • Corrected bug (crash) when waypoint automatically added to the track

Version 1.16 (7.5.2008)
  • Improved performance of compression algorithm in MapBuilder (about 50% faster)
  • High-Speed map building (processes more frames in one loop)
  • MapBuilder remembers last coordinates and directories
  • MapBuilder opens target directory when a map is built
  • MapBuilder brings itself on top for proper working (everytime it scans the screen for map)
  • A few more shortcuts, added list of them to the documentation
  • Autodetection of map is disabled when you open a map manually (to be able to open a map of a different area)
  • QuickGPS can play sound on connect, disconnect or when the GPS position is lost (see documentation, Special features) - thanks to Kevin for the idea

Version 1.15 (22.4.2008)
  • Load as many tracks as you wish to see them on map, each track may have different color for simple comparison
  • Option to choose how to connect GPS receiver on start: regularly/once/never
  • Can open last map and position on start (Map / Open last)
  • Possibility to continue previously saved tracking (Track / Append)

Version 1.14 (18.4.2008)
  • Improved map loading
  • More then 4 calibration points supported (both QuickGPS and MapBuilder changed)
  • Autodetects map when the position moves off the currently open map, if a better map is found it is automatically opened
  • Faster loading of Waypoints on start
  • During import of GPX/LOC it does not show "Not enough memory" anymore
  • Several bug fixes

Version 1.13 (10.4.2008)
  • Battery indicator when battery is low
  • Added feature to release global map when memory is low (to improve performance)
  • Corrected bug "Cannot save config"

Version 1.12 (8.4.2008)
  • No map needed to display your position, nearby waypoints or track
  • Import waypoints from LOC file (generated by geocaching.com)
  • Import waypoints from GPX file (generated by geocaching.com, EasyGPS etc.)
  • Hint wraps to more lines when displayed
  • Waypoints are saved in Unicode (to keep special characters)

Version 1.11 (31.3.2008)
  • Significantly improved memory management (requires much less memory now)
  • Faster work with zoomed-out maps (needs to rebuild maps with Map Builder)
  • Minimal zoom now 10%
  • Saves speed into GPX track
  • Does not save an empty GPX track (if tracking turned off in Settings)
  • Possibility to rename track (internal name)
  • Corrected a few bugs (in both QuickGPS and Map Builder)

Version 1.10 (26.3.2008)
  • Added settings (colors of arrow, track, points of interest, units of values, format of coordinates, tracking detail)
  • "Show nearby only" option in the list of waypoints (eliminates distant waypoints from the list)
  • Can display a selected waypoint on map
  • Improved identification of the nearest waypoint
  • Shows track and its points of interest on map
  • Improved GPS-to-map conversion for curved maps
  • More tracking details (see settings)

Version 1.04 (21.3.2008)
  • Map Builder can process large bitmaps
  • Map Builder does not need so much memory anymore
  • It is possible to import Ozi Explorer's ozfx3 files (see documentation)
  • More then 2 calibration points now supported (see documentation)
  • Corrected a few small bugs
  • Possibility to add a point of interest to your track (to be saved to GPX format)

Version 1.03 (16.3.2008)
  • optimized loading and scrolling of maps
  • approached waypoints are automatically exported to GPX track info
  • show / edit nearest waypoint
  • navigation to tapped point on map
  • track pause / continue (useful when you are temporarily inside a building or under a roof)
  • improved menu
  • improved stability of GPS server (if you still experience problems, pls send an email to author)
  • always-visible feature applied only when QuickGPS is on top
  • does not paint when QuickGPS in background (saves battery)

Version 1.02 (13.3.2008)
  • add / edit / delete waypoint now supported in application
  • added export of track to GPX format (automatic)
  • user can export content of the screen to bitmap
  • a few more colors supported in Waypoints.txt file

Version 1.01 (10.3.2008)
  • optimized arrow to WP, improved labels of waypoints
  • added menu for navigation to track's start
  • better calculation of altitude, corrected speed calculation
  • improved painting when zoomed